Winter Bird Count: Audubon’s 120th, Concord’s 60th

Well, to be precise, fifty-nine years of winter birding, but this will be Concord’s sixtieth count day; we got started December 1960. If you participated in the very first Concord CBC thanks for sticking with us! Count day this year is December 29, midnight to midnight and the count week includes the three days prior to and after count day.

If you are joining the Concord count for the first time please browse the tabs above for instructions and connect with your town coordinator or any coordinator accepting new participants. If you do not live inside the count circle you are welcome to join a field party. Please contact a sector leader who is accepting new volunteers.

Checklists and forms can be downloaded from this site. The new taxonomy is a county version of the updated eBird/Clements Checklist so it will dovetail with your eBird output. Please toss all previous forms and tables as they will not be accepted. Note that common loon and great blue heron have been demoted to a spot below the gulls and house sparrow promoted from last place and roosts atop American pipit. Northern cardinal migrated south and has landed in last place. For the first thirty years or so common loon was number one. If your checklists do not look like these you are using the wronlogo_cornell-labg ones.

eBirders! The CBC requires time spent and miles traveled in cars inside the circle and mode of conveyance in the field: foot, snowshoes, skis, wheelchair—whatever. Please submit separate checklists for daylight and nocturnal birding, aka owling, including names of participants in your party and their contact information. eBird is a terrific way to CBC but the Audubon protocol needs a few extra effort details.

Countdown potluck* is Thursday January 2 at Sudbury Valley Trustees 18 Wolbach Road (Route 27) Sudbury. Doors open 6:30 p.m. We can admit forty, including essential personnel, leaving space for about twenty guests to join the fun. For the potluck please bring your favorite dishes; contributions can be a main, salad, or dessert. There is a kitchen with ovens and stovetop for reheating. We need a few people to bring drinks and stick around after the event to help clean up.

SVT-LOGOSudbury Valley Trustees, our three rivers regional land trust, sponsors our count and generously provides the Wolbach farmhouse for our evening potluck supper and countdown event. Several SVT properties are enclosed in the count circle and get censused on CBC so please explore their website and become a member. Check out the trips and workshops and consider the opportunities to share your skills and talents by leading, volunteering, or developing a new program. Walks and talks do not need to be about birds!

The Christmas Bird Count is owned and operated by National Audubon Society in partnership with Bird Studies Canada, the North American Breeding Bird Survey, and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Veteran field participants remember when they actually had to pay to participate. Joining the the count is free but it still needs yaudubon-logo-post-pageour contributions. Please consider a donation to the CBC to support the science and the welfare of our North American birds. Follow the Audubon logo.

*Implementation of Chapter 230 of the Acts of 2014, “An Act Relative to Potluck Events” 

Where Have All The Birds Gone?

Curious about what the CBC data show? Audubon’s Science team has built a tool where you can explore population trends over the last few decades.


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