National Audubon’s 117th Winter Bird Count

coopers-in-snow-2The Concord Count’s 57th is open for business! Please connect with your town coordinators in December and sign up to join a field party, tally birds at your feeders, or both on Count Day, the 2nd of January midnight to midnight, the school New Year holiday. (Don’t forget Count Week, which brackets the big day three days before and three following.) The potluck supper and countdown will be held the following evening at Sudbury Valley Trustees’ Wolbach farmhouse. Doors open at 6:30. Please contact your coordinator and let us know if you are attending because we have a house limit of forty guests, including essential personnel. We don’t want to turn guests away at the door.

First time volunteers should click on the tab above named Join the Count and explore our website. Our town count coordinators are cheerfully waiting to hear from you and can be contacted by clicking on your town, shown to your right on the sidebar. If you live outside the Concord circle you are welcome to join any town accepting new participants. Sudbury has reported that they are shorthanded and many areas in that sector are not covered.

Our checklists and town coordinator documents have been updated to match the revised NAS taxonomic order. Please download them from the Checklists & Forms pages. My job as your data entry slave will be dramatically more time efficient if you submit your data on the new documents. Many thanks!

We are locally sponsored by Sudbury Valley Trustees, a regional land trust that owns and actively stewards seventy properties totaling over 2,200 acres in permanent conservation that provide vital habitat for birds and other animal and plant communities. Some of these properties are censuseoregon-junco-snowd on the count. SVT kindly hosts our evening countdown and pot luck supper when we compile our results. We urge you to donate to SVT and become a member. Click on the marsh wren perched on a cattail at the bottom of the page. Consider sharing your skills and talents by volunteering. Sign up for SVT’s Nature Sightings page and contribute your photos and videos.

The Christmas Bird Count is run by the National Audubon Society in partnership with Bird Studies Canada, the North American Breeding Bird Survey, and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Veteran field participants remember when they actually had to pay to participate. Joining the the count is free but it still needs your contributions. Please make a donation to the CBC to support the science and the welfare of our North American birds by clicking on the Audubon logo at the foot of this page.

Now available in the paperless editions: The 116th Christmas Bird Count Summary by Geoffrey S. LeBaron and The 116th CBC in New England.


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