Contact Us

Inquiries: Norman Levey, (781) 259-0855 <norman.levey [AT]>
Sudbury Valley Trustees, (978) 443-5588 <svt [AT]>
Conservation Commissions, Liaison:
Jane Moosbruker, <jamoos [AT]>
U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
Stephanie Koch, <stephanie_koch [AT]>

    Compilers and Sector Coordinators

Circle Datameister: Norman Levey, (781) 259-0855 <norman.levey [AT]> Acton: Andrew Magee, (978) 263-0683 <andrew839.magee [AT]>
Bedford: Frank Gardner, (781) 271-1337 <frg444 [AT]>
Bolton: Nick Tepper, (978) 399-9216 <nicholastepper6739 [AT]>
Boxborough: Rita Grossman, (978) 264-4077 <rgibesgrossman [AT]>
Carlisle: Ken Harte, (978) 369-0306, (978) 369-2044 <kharte [AT]>
Carlisle: Susan Emmons, (978) 369-7921 <susansemmons [AT]>
Concord: To be announced.
Framingham: Luke Faust, <lukefaust19[AT]>
Harvard: Andrew Magee, (978) 263-0683 <andrew839.magee [AT]>
Hudson: Brian Parker, (508) 485-2556 <bapckp [AT]>
Lincoln: Norman Levey, (781) 259-0855 <norman.levey [AT]>
Lincoln: Gwyn Loud, (781) 259-8690 <gwynloud555 [AT]>
Littleton: Andrew Magee, (978) 263-0683 <andrew839.magee [AT]>
Marlborough: Brian Parker, (508) 485-2556 <bapckp [AT]>
Maynard: Nick Tepper, (978) 399-9216 <nicholastepper6739[AT]>
Stow: Nick Tepper, (978) 399-9216 <nicholastepper6739[ AT]>
Sudbury: Luke Faust, <lukefaust19[AT]>
Wayland: Daryl Vanderburgh, (508) 655-8553 <dvanderburgh8[AT]>
Westford: Andrew Magee, (978) 263-0683 <andrew839.magee [AT]>
Weston: Norman Levey, (781) 259-0855 <norman.levey [AT]>

Please address written inquiries to:  CCBC   P.O. Box 291   Lincoln, MA 01773

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Privacy Statement: All contact information on this website is published solely for participants who wish to contact our compilers, coordinators, and volunteer staff. No other use is permitted. Contact information will not be shared with or distributed to parties or any agency other than the Concord Christmas Bird Count. 

concordcbc snow buntings

         All written and graphic content on these pages is the exclusive property of the       Concord Christmas Bird Count except where noted.  All rights reserved, September 2011.

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