We have two maps of our count circle created by Dan Stimson, Assistant Director of Stewardship at Sudbury Valley Trustees and one map provided by National Audubon that shows all the count circles. Our user friendliest map shows the count circle and the town boundaries superimposed on a familiar Google street map. The important features are here: lakes, ponds, and streams, conservation areas and roads.

Quad-circle-map Cartography nerds who prefer a physical map with more detail may download a USGS topo from this site to their computers. Download CCBC Quad Map.

Please send us links you think CCBC volunteers might find informative and educational. We would like to publish them below.

The 2020-2021 Winter finch forecast is HERE courtesy of the Winter Finch Network and Ontario Field Ornithologists.

A Guide for Hawks Seen in the Northeast  Don’t want to carry your bulky hawk field guide? The Northeast Hawk Watch (NEHW) is offering Paul Carrier’s two-page fold-able hawk silhouette guide for downloading and printing. Individuals may take single copies for their personal, non-commercial use. Laminated copies are available for purchase. Some of these raptors have migrated, but check it out and consider buying several hawk silhouette guides for your CBCing friends.

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