Norman Levey
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Gwyn Loud
(781) 259-8690 home
(508) 397-5946 mobile

Lincoln Field Parties: Please view your map assignments HERE. Best resolution trail maps can be downloaded from the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust website or purchased as a paper map in the LLCT office, which is located over the U.S. Post Office in the mall.

Accepting new volunteers?

  • Feeder watchers: Yes
  • Field party participants: We can take a few field team participants for two field teams.
  • Field party leaders: YES, we need CBCers with good birding skills (and joined a field party at least once) to form and lead new parties. There are areas in Lincoln that are not surveyed.

You are welcome to leave a comment. If you want to sign up please contact your coordinator directly. This page might not be monitored.

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