Refuge Access

ALERT: Pandemic special conditions on all refuge properties will apply during the count week and count day, January 3, 2021. All participants must follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts COVID-19 guidance.

  • Town Coordinators and sector leaders must submit names of all participants (“subpermitees”) surveying the refuge properties to the CCBC compiler by December 26, 2020. Subpermitees have permission to conduct survey work in areas normally closed to the public but NOT private land or other conservation land closed to the public.
  • Approved subpermitees have permission to conduct survey work for pre-dawn and evening hours during Count Day, January 3, 2021, IF allowable under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stay at home advisory.
  • Vehicles parked and left on the road must be pulled off sufficiently and must not block the road or any gates. Please post a placard in your car identifying yourself as a volunteer for the Concord CBC.
  • A list of species documented on Assabet River and Great Meadows NWR (to the extent that they can be separated from other properties) will be provided to the Concord CBC compiler who will forward the data to the Weir Hill office.

Some of our most productive census areas are incorporated in the Assabet River and Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuges. Access is open to the public on marked trails and roads during regular hours. However, refuge use before and after hours and all travel beyond roads and paths are authorized by Special Use Permits filed by your count compiler with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Owlers and backcountry explorers who plan to count in the refuge areas must sign up with their respective town coordinators or the primary compiler who will forward the enrollment list to our agency contact at Weir Hill headquarters in Sudbury. (The old permission letter system has been abolished.) We do not need personal or contact information, just your name and the name of the refuge you plan to census in.

Please carry identification such as a driver’s license during your visit and post a sign in your car window indicating you are a CBCer. Do not block roads and gates. The Special Use Permit does not include permission to access private property or other conservation lands that are closed to the public.

Our permits cover all listed participants and are valid the entire Count Week, including the predawn and evening hours of Count Day.

Fish & Wildlife has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Concord CBC and we are grateful for their encouragement and cooperation.

Great Meadows

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